Ladies’ 1912 Era Florid Art Nouveau Wristwatch

Ladies’ 1912 Era Florid Art Nouveau Wristwatch

Item: W2143

Watch's origin: Swiss

Number of jewels: 1

Case: Era

Manufacturer: Era

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 10mm

Dimension: 45mm lug to lug by 30mm wide

Composition: Other

Other Attributes:   Wire Lug

Price: $595.00

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Christian Rüfli-Flury, then an exceptionally gifted watchmaker in Granges, decided to give his wife, Eva-Maria, a pocket watch that he had designed himself for her 25th birthday. Touched and impressed by the beauty of her gift, Eva-Maria persuaded her husband to found his own watchmaking company: In 1884, in the town of Biel/Bienne, he did just that.

The House of C.Ruefli-flury & cie, or "Era" as it was called - produced many models and variations in gold, silver and mother-of-pearl, including "Meric," "Civic" and "Valdez," which were imported into New York City by Omega watch company in 1910.

Another line marketed by Era was "Majex" sold by Marchand& jobin, LTD. London and British Watch Case Company, Ltd., featuring the coronation hallmark.

Era also was associated with General Watch Company, which provided movements for Helvetia during WWII. Today, Era survives as a portion of Edox Watch Company, which still produces fine timepieces today.

We are delighted to offer this completely original "Era" designed by the house of C. Ruefli-Flury & Cie in a stunning rococo case – correct down to the dial, hands and cylinder movement.

Measuring an impressive 45mm lug to lug by 30mm wide, this astonishing piece of horological history is as fine an example of an early Art Nouveau "wristlet" as can be found anywhere. Its metal dial is perfect, graced with stylized Arabic numerals and blued "Breguet" hands. It is a work of art, right down to its pumpkin crown and French glass crystal.

The case, which is a sterling wash, is completely and correctly marked "Era Watch Company/Swiss" on its in back. Opening the back also reveals a breathtakingly original cylinder movement marked "Era/1 jewel." During the period of history this watch was created, a wristlet timepiece was seen first and foremost as a piece of jewelry or art for the wrist. The fact that it actually kept time was considered a novelty. Nevertheless, we have cleaned, oiled and calibrated the watch so that it keeps time as intended.

Everything about this watch exudes Art Nouveau panache, from its raw silver grape leaf case styling to its elegant dial and early cylinder movement. It is a triumph.

We are happy to custom fit a correct one-piece cordovan strap and silver buckle to your measurements.