Ladies’ 1930 Elgin 14k White Gold Diamond Watch

Ladies’ 1930 Elgin 14k White Gold Diamond Watch

Item: W1952

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 15

Case: Keystone Watch Case Co.

Manufacturer: Elgin

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 10mm

Composition: Gold

Other Attributes:   Wire Lug
 With Box

Price: $1,495.00

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Elgin Watch Company was a grand endeavor from the moment it was conceived in 1864. Smoke from the Civil War had not yet cleared and businessmen were already being lured from Massachusetts' Waltham Watch Company to organize and build a monumental watch factory in Elgin, Illinois. By 1865 the company was organized and capitalized with half a million dollars, and unimaginable post-war sum. The companies leaders thrust themselves into the industrial revolution and were, in a few short years, running the biggest pocket watch company in the world. By the middle of the Twentieth Century they also dominated the wristwatch world, producing, among other popular models the "Lord and Lady Elgin" series distinguished by high-grade movements and progressive case designs.

As the Deco movement was in full swing, art was on everyone's mind, craftsmen were doing some of their finest work, and American watch manufacturers were vying for the spotlight. Each sought to be set apart as the leader in style and design. The crash had not yet hit and money flowed freely from Wall Street to Fifth Avenue; customers could afford to pay whatever it took to have the finest, the best, and the brightest. During this "Jazz Age," Elgin Watch Company decided to garner the spot as the finest house for ladies timepieces.

An example of Elgin's commitment to superiority is this solid 14k white gold masterpiece, adorned with 10 separately set, brilliant-cut diamonds. Exquisite in every conceivable way, the timepiece, with its 15 ruby jewel movement and classic design, sets the standard for evening wear timepieces.

Perfect for a formal event, this rare 30mm by 15mm Elgin is the quintessential Deco timepiece, offered in an equally attractive period presentation box.