Men’s 1885 Elgin 18 Size Coin Silver Pocket Watch

Men’s 1885 Elgin 18 Size Coin Silver Pocket Watch

Item: W2261

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 11

Case: Dueber

Manufacturer: Elgin

Type of Watch:  Pocket

Size: 18s

Composition: Silver

Price: $895.00

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The Elgin Watch Company was a grand endeavor from the moment it was conceived in 1864. Smoke from the Civil War had not yet cleared and businessmen were already being lured from Massachusetts' Waltham Watch Company to organize and build a monumental watch factory in Elgin, Ill. By 1865, the company was organized and capitalized with half a million dollars, and unimaginable post-war sum. The company's leaders thrust themselves into the industrial revolution and were, in a few short years, running the biggest pocket watch company in the world. By the middle of the Twentieth Century they also dominated the wristwatch world, producing, among other popular models the "Lord- and Lady Elgin" series distinguished by high-grade movements and progressive case designs.

The workmanship of one of the world's largest watch companies is certainly evident in this 1885 18s Elgin pocket watch. Its single-sunk porcelain dial, marked "Elgin National Watch Co.," is in remarkably fine condition; in fact, the entire watch appears to have been carried very little. This watch was obviously owned by someone of means: With fancy thin hands, elongated Roman numerals and an outer minutes track, it still reflects to quiet grace and elegance of its first owner.

Powering this heavy work of horological art is a 11 ruby jewel, full plate gilt movement with carved balance cock, marked "Elgin National Watch Co./ patent pinion/Elgin, Ill." The "Elgin, Ill. is in fine "woodsman" period font. We've taken the liberty of professionally cleaning, oiling and calibrating the piece so that it keeps smooth, accurate time.

The movement is in what appears to be its original solid silver case. Weighing in at an impressive 4 troy ounces of silver, it is quite crisp, marked "Dueber/Newport/Coin." Included with the watch is what appears to be its original shepherd's hook chain and watch key.