Men’s 1904 Waltham 23 Jewel Riverside Maximus Pocket Watch

Men’s 1904 Waltham 23 Jewel Riverside Maximus Pocket Watch

Item: W2302

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 23

Case: Crescent

Manufacturer: American Waltham Watch Company

Type of Watch:  Pocket

Size: 16s

Composition: Gold-Filled

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $1,750.00

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While there is no doubt Switzerland has produced – and continues to produce – exquisite timepieces; during the Victorian era, many regarded the American Waltham Watch Company as the finest watch manufacturer in the world. American clock and watchmaking – specifically Waltham's novel "mechanized" approach to manufacturing timepieces was the impetus for interchangeable parts and the Industrial Revolution. From its inception in 1857 through WWI, Waltham was hailed as "The World's Watchmaker." Today, collectors and scholars around the world are re-discovering both style and engineering of American horology.

In 1894, The American Waltham Watch Company published a small book called "The Perfected American Watch." In it, the magnitude of the company's achievements is outlined. Here is an excerpt describing Waltham's place in Victorian industry and watch making:

"Before the American Watch Company was founded, there was no factory in the world in which an entire watch movement was made. By the old way, the plates were fashioned in one place, the wheels in another, the dials elsewhere. These and other parts – all made by scattered and disconnected labor – were finally fitted and assembled. It was soon shown that machinery, by its precise and uniform operations, provided better watches at less cost. Furthermore, most of the machine-made parts – plates, wheels, pinions, etc. – by their uniformity were interchangeable. Dealers were thus enabled to carry materials in stock, so as to supply them readily when required. A record of the size and grade of each Waltham watch movement is kept by the company; whereby jewelers may at any time obtain duplicate parts by simply quoting the movement number – whatever the date of its manufacture. Therefore, the first grand results at Waltham were simplicity and economy of construction; exactness and durability of the watches produced; convenience and minimum expense of repairs.

Waltham watches earned for Americans earned the title "Watchmakers to the World." They have always triumphed at the great international expositions where exhibited – London, Paris, Melbourne, Syndey, Philadelphia, Chicago – because they have always been the best. After nearly half a century of progressive achievements, the American Waltham Watch Company stands further ahead of all competitors in the quality and volume of its product than ever before.

You do not wander into the field of doubt when you buy a Waltham watch. The dealer who sells it may go out of business, but the American Waltham Watch Company stands sponsor, guaranteeing the movement to be made of the best materials and upon the most approved principals.

For any defect in material or performance under fair usage, the company holds itself responsible, not for a year nor for a decade, but always. How many other articles of merchandise are protected by such a guarantee?"

Of Waltham's many specially constructed, ultra high-quality timepieces, as well as those constructed by other industry leaders such as Hamilton, Elgin, Illinois, Howard and South Bend, few can rival the sheer magnificence of the Riverside Maximus. It was, quite frankly, one of the finest timepieces ever built. Featuring lavish elements such as solid gold jewel settings and a solid gold train (gears) as well as micro-adjustments for the position of the watch in one's pocket, the temperature and isochronism – the winding down of the mainspring – the watch was a precision instrument by which others were judged.

The Waltham Riverside Maximus is a triumph; as majestic and mesmeric inside the case as out.

We're pleased to offer this 16 size, 23 ruby-jeweled Riverside Maximus pocket watch by the American Waltham Watch Company, featuring a fancy gold-inlaid dial; solid gold jewel settings; a solid gold train (gears) in a period Waltham presentation box, circa 1904. Its gold-filled case is correct and crisp, having been carried very little. Please take a moment to admire the piece, as it is a fine representation of horological history.

We've taken the liberty of cleaning, oiling and calibrating the watch so that it keeps time as intended. If you’re looking for a truly extraordinary American pocket watch, you've found it.