Ladies’ 1890 Gallet Sterling Silver Pendant Watch w/Box

Ladies’ 1890 Gallet Sterling Silver Pendant Watch w/Box

Item: W2279

Watch's origin: Swiss

Case: Racine

Manufacturer: Gallet

Type of Watch:  Pendant

Type: Hunter

Size: 0s

Dimension: 33mm

Composition: Silver

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $995.00

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Well before the advent of the "wristlets" we now know as wrist watches, if a lady wished to wear a timepiece, it would have been a small pocket watch worn about the neck. This miniature version of a man's pocket watch also could be worn hanging from a breast-pin as a pendant. These watches were quite often fancifully decorated and hand-carved. Such is the case with late Victorian era, solid silver pocket watch with matching enameled ribbon pin.

Without question, this ladies pendant watch is one of the finest we've had the pleasure of offering. SUCH an exceptional solid silver case, adorned in busy Victorian chase work and embellished with remarkably artist hand carving.

Pocket watch case carving flourished through the latter half of the 19th century and into the first quarter of the 20th. Artisans flocked to the United States from around the world, eager to find a venue by which to earn a living and through which they could express their creative urges. For many, the artistic medium of choice was the pocket watch case.

These talented, anonymous artists worked throughout the day, quietly creating works of art on watch case after watch case, painstakingly carving freehand with hand tools on a graving ball. Taken for granted for nearly a century, these creations are finally being given the credit they deserve, as more collectors seek out watches based solely on the quality of their case carving.

Take a moment to admire the work of this artist: Starting with a smooth, heavy case of solid silver, he or she used a set of sharp graving tools to carefully carve a floral scene on the back. In the case of this timepiece, the artist created a Rococo floral scene with one of the most beautiful, lifelike swans we've ever seen.

Press the winding crown and the fancy front cover pops open to reveal a perfect porcelain dial featuring stylized Roman numerals surrounded by a graduated minutes track. Blued spade hands and a true sub-seconds register are all in excellent original condition!

Pop open an equally fanciful back cover and you'll find silver hallmarks. You'll find another treasure-within-a-treasure: a completely original, fully serviced Victorian mechanical pocket watch movement!

This stunning 33mm timepiece comes in a period satin-lined, royal blue velvet Victorian-Era presentation box marked: "Watch and Clock Alliance/ and Earnest Goodes Stores/Jewellers/184 Oxford Street/London/London, W./The Trilby Watch/Reg."

If ever you've craved such styling, if you're feeling the need to demonstrate that fine taste of yours, this is the watch to own! Wear it to your next dinner party and prepare to fend off countless compliments!