Ladies’ 1920 Ralco Watch in Platinum and Diamonds

Ladies’ 1920 Ralco Watch in Platinum and Diamonds

Item: W2328

Watch's origin: Swiss

Number of jewels: 15

Manufacturer: Ralco

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Dimension: 40mm long by 10mm wide

Composition: Platinum

Price: $895.00

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Before the brazen decadence of the Jazz age; before the florid naturalism of Arts and Crafts, there was the graceful elegance of the Victorian era. It was indeed the Gilded Age, intricate and fanciful in a bold flourish. During this era, jewelry, clothing and architecture were busy with gingerbread and adornment, showcasing the extraordinary talents of Old World craftsmen. It was the best of times and better; it was opulent and celebratory and optimistic.

This Victorian-inspired wristlet watch in platinum and diamonds is such a celebration of tactile art. Measuring 40mm long by a mere 10mm wide; glittering with 26 individually set mine-cut diamonds in field of platinum lace; it was then as it is now: meant to adorn and set-apart. It is a class distinction, something that not everyone has the privilege to own.

Wearing a timepiece on one's wrist would have been novel and daring during the early days of wristlet watches. It would have signified youth and sophistication with a European flourish. Today, such works of art are worn in the same way; for the same reason: to indicate means and refinement.

Not only is this watch gorgeous, it contains a futuristic little time machine of its day: a cleaned, oiled and calibrated Swiss Ralco movement, keeping time as originally intended. A black rope with period clasp secures it to the wrist. This, of course, is custom-fitted to the client's specifications.

We are pleased to offer this piece in a period presentation case with velvet insert and creme silk lining.

Treat yourself to this classic.