Men’s 1923 Rolex Postwar Trench Watch in Sterling Silver

Men’s 1923 Rolex Postwar Trench Watch in Sterling Silver

Item: W2343

Watch's origin: Swiss

Number of jewels: 15

Case: Rolex

Manufacturer: Rolex

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 12mm

Dimension: case is 34mm in diameter; 47mm lug to lug

Composition: Silver

Other Attributes:   Military
 Wire Lug
 With Box

Price: $2,000.00

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Those of you familiar with our work know we specialize in rare and unusual timepieces. Specifically, we are interested in works of vintage wrist art that have an impressive stance and design. We do not confine ourselves to certain makers, nor do we exclude makers by preconception. The works we offer rise based on their own merit.

For example, we specialize in, among other genres, the WWI-era wristlet watch. Considered the first true wristwatch, these magnificent works exude a strength and style absent in most subsequent generations. The wire-lug wristlet watch has the distinct look of a small pocket watch on the wrist – because in many cases, that's precisely what they were. Polished, calibrated and fitted on a two-piece black cordovan strap, such examples are an indication of the exquisite taste of the wearer.

Case in point: This men's 1923 solid sterling silver Rolex postwar "Trench" wristlet watch. Looking as if it came straight from an officer's wrist, this prescient triumph symbolizes the forward-thinking drive of its creator, Hans Wilsdorf. It is not exquisite simply because it is a Rolex. It is exquisite because it is an expertly designed wrist machine that created a benchmark for style and resilience pursued to this day.

Please take a moment to admire the work for what it is: elegant, understated, proper. Its hinged front-and-back sterling silver case is 34mm in diameter; 47mm lug to lug and perfectly balanced on the wrist. What appears to be an original, signed metal dial features classic Arabic numerals for ease of viewing; while correct fancy blued hands gesture the time. <p>
Open its hinged back and you will find correct Rolex markings, as well as a triumph of early horological engineering: a 15 ruby jeweled mechanism, finished to the exacting standards of Mr. Wilsdorf himself.

Of course we could not resist fitting the watch with one of our own WWI era straps, produced in-house from the world's finest cordovan leather and fitted with a matching sterling buckle.

We're pleased to offer the watch in a custom-fitted period leather box.

If you are a member of the horological cognoscenti blessed with an eye for elegance; if you seek to set yourself apart, this work of wrist art is for you.