Men’s 1924 Majestic Wittnauer Silver Watch

Men’s 1924 Majestic Wittnauer Silver Watch

Item: W2398

Watch's origin: Swiss

Number of jewels: 15

Manufacturer: Majestic/Wittnauer

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 16mm

Dimension: 39mm by 25mm

Composition: Silver

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $995.00

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If you look at movie studio stills from the "Golden Age" of Hollywood – you know, the black and white photographs of the "Titans" of film – chances are they'll be holding a martini or smoking a cigarette or checking their watch as if they're about to catch a train. Whatever their activity, if you look CLOSELY at their wrist, they'll be wearing a great looking Deco-era timepiece.

This was an era of such staggering class it will never, ever be imitated, much less duplicated. The same thing can be said for the watches produced during the era. Sadly, no matter how much money you spend on a modern watch, you won't be able to duplicate the styling, shape or coloring of the old classic timepieces. New watches are like remakes of classic films: They're never as good as the original.

Enter stage right: a hauntingly classic men's sterling silver wristwatch with genuine black cordovan strap and matching period buckle. We see the close up: a carefully restored metal dial with luminous "boxcar" numerals and inner minutes track and graduated sub-seconds register. We see perfectly restored "stained glass" hands in excellent condition and original reeded crown. Original glass crystal ... original, startlingly crisp case: This is one classic watch.

Inside is a professionally cleaned, oiled and timed high-grade 15 ruby-jeweled movement signed "Majestic Watch Co./Swiss." Majestic Watch Company is a predecessor of Wittnauer, later a sister company of Longines. This would have been an object of envy in its day: classic and supremely powered.

The surprisingly crisp 39mm by 25mm case is hand polished in the same way silver has been polished CORRECTLY for hundreds of years, leaving the natural patina of the piece.

This is a watch that will surely impress anyone who's lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it during a dinner meeting or intimate soiree.