Men’s 1925 Elgin Wristwatch w/Bracelet Band

Men’s 1925 Elgin Wristwatch w/Bracelet Band

Item: W1893

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 7

Manufacturer: Elgin

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 16mm

Dimension: 27mm by 35mm

Composition: Gold-Filled

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $1,295.00

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"O O O O that Shakespeherian rag -

It's so elegant,

So intelligent!"

The unbridled ardor of the Jazz Age! Full of passion and frenzy; ripe with art and creativity; the Jazz Age constituted the Golden Age of fashion and watch design, when all men were tony and all women were to be admired. While it might be a bit more muted today, one is still judged by one's sense of style and expression of excellence. Wearing a vintage work of wrist art is very much a sign of gentility; very much a statement of panache. In a world of cumbersome phones and garish ignorance, simple statements of elegance still make the man – or woman.

For example, this stunning work of wrist art by The Elgin National Watch Company – one of the great American watch houses – is a testament of skill and form. It is a brilliant indicative thing. It is its own excuse for being.

Measuring a strong 27mm by 35mm, it has the aura of richness and the perfect wrist stance. This watch not only tells time, it tells the world precisely what the Golden Era watch designers wanted it to say: "The wearer of this watch is genteel and possesses exquisite taste."

We're offering this treasure as it would have appeared in the jewelry store window during the Jazz Age; from its astonishing and original bracelet band to its equally rare and astonishing Elgin factory presentation case.

Cleaned, oiled, calibrated and ready to make a statement of excellence by the wearer.

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