Men’s 1928 Illinois Marquis Watch w/Box

Men’s 1928 Illinois Marquis Watch w/Box

Item: W2409

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 17

Case: Fahy's

Manufacturer: Illinois

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Lug Width: 16mm

Dimension: 29mm by 40mm

Composition: Gold-Filled

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $2,250.00

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The revival of popularity of Illinois wristwatches is growing exponentially, and with very good reason. Illinois watches — both pocket and wrist — were considered to be the finest of their day. They were not cheap, being hand-finished and meticulously "tweaked." They went though a quality control that is unheard of to this day: movements were graded by the tray, and if one movement in a tray of many was found to be inaccurate, the entire tray was sent back for disassembly and study. Ultimately, it was this fanatical attention to detail that led to the demise of Illinois Watch Company, as their obsession with their own reputation became unprofitable. What we're left with is a group of watches that are the darlings of horologists and collectors around the world.

Designed to be "curved to the arc of the wrist" or "distinctively curved to fit the wrist," the rare and desirable Illinois "Marquis" is an unusual example of Illinois craftsmanship, featuring a most fetching design and, of course, the mainstay of the Illinois watch: a mechanical movement without peer.

An expertly restored dial features magnificent, highly stylized Deco numerals, "fat" stained glass hands and a distinctive sub-seconds register at the "9" o'clock position rather than the traditional "6" position. Very tony, very chic and quite popular to this day. We have taken the liberty of fitting the piece with a correctly re-created black cordovan strap of the period.

Its white gold-filled case, which measures 29mm by 40mm, is in remarkably good condition.  Sporting a distinctive "wheat" pattern on the bezel and lugs and designed to curve gently around a man's wrist, this watch is to horology what the Duesenburg is to automobilia: a benchmark of quality. Truly, the Illinois Marquis is a "Duesie."

We're pleased to offer this work of wrist art in an original Illinois factory "Marquis" presentation case.