Men’s 1944 Bulova Ordnance Wrist Watch

Men’s 1944 Bulova Ordnance Wrist Watch

Item: W2325

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 16

Case: Bulova

Manufacturer: Bulova

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 16mm

Dimension: 31mm wide by 38mm from lug-to-lug

Composition: Chrome

Other Attributes:   Military

Price: $795.00

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Today's military wristwatches are, in effect, disposable: their specifications state that they are made to be discarded when they stop running. However, 60 years ago, when WWII was raging, much more was expected from a timepiece. Resources weren't as available, technology was relatively simple and no one could afford to throw anything away. Watches had to be sturdy enough to stand up the grueling salt, heat and humidity of the Pacific Theater as well as the numbing cold of the European Campaign. American watch houses ceased civilian production during these years and devoted themselves to producing timing instruments for the war. Bulova, then one of the largest watch manufacturer in the world, provided a Herculean push for the Allied war effort, producing aircraft and tank watches as well as pocket and ordnance wristwatches.

We're delighted to offer this completely original WWII era ordnance wristwatch, correct down to its original hands, crown and crystal. This handsome, historic "workhorse" was prized by officers and enlisted men alike.

Its original black metal dial features an outer minutes track surrounding slightly oversized luminous Arabic numerals and "eccentric," or sub-seconds register. Hour, minute and second hands are all the original white hands, and are perfect. The case, which measures 31mm wide by 38mm from lug-to-lug, is chrome over brass with a waterproof stainless steel screw-back that sports correct ordnance markings, marked "Ord. Dept. U.S.A. of 25347/Bulova Watch Co." Unscrewing the back and lifting its original inner dust cover reveals a stunningly pristine 16 ruby jeweled Bulova movement, which we've carefully cleaned, oiled and timed. We've also taken the liberty of fitting the watch with a correctly re-created two-piece olive drab strap with matching silver-tone buckle. This strap, crafted from correct period fabric, is the finest available – and only through Strickland Vintage Watches.

These historic watches were issue, meaning the only way they made it back home was on the arms of officers and "borrowed" in field packs and ruck-sacks. Most were crushed or buried overseas to keep the market in the U.S. from being flooded with watches, which would have bankrupted American watch manufacturers already starved for civilian business. These surviving examples are valuable not only because they're so scarce, not only because they were worn on the wrists of soldiers who literally saved the world, they're also desirable because they are outstanding timepieces.

For those who are fascinated with both horology and military history; for those who prefer something worn in combat to something ... well ... not, this original WWII military timepiece has the aura of ultimate strength.