Men’s 1950 LeCoultre Memovox 14k Alarm Watch

Men’s 1950 LeCoultre Memovox 14k Alarm Watch

Item: W2324

Watch's origin: Swiss

Number of jewels: 17

Case: LeCoultre

Manufacturer: LeCoultre

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 17mm

Dimension: impressive 39mm long by 34mm in diameter

Composition: Gold

Price: $2,495.00

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Around 1800, Henri David LeCoultre owned a forge and shop in LeSentier that produced mechanical instruments. In 1803, he had a son, Antoine LeCoultre, who later apprenticed in his father's shop, demonstrating a gift for metallurgy and gear-mechanisms. In 1833, son Antoine left the family workshops and founded a business manufacturing watch gearing with his brother Ulysse. Antoine had made a name for himself as a talented machinist and watch-maker. He invested his energy and engineering prowess in the development of new production processes and methods for making fine machinery and watches. His Millionometer of 1844 was the first instrument capable of measuring components to the nearest micron - a millionth of a meter. By 1860, Antoine LeCoultre’s shop employed 100 people. LeCoultre became an early source for complicated movements, creating repeaters, chronographs and calendars and, by 1899 had become the Vallée de Joux's leading manufacturer. In 1903, the House of LeCoultre entered into a business relationship in Paris with the chronometer-maker Edmond Jaeger. This partnership opened the way into the luxury market for LeCoultre and resulted in the name of Jaeger-LeCoultre, which was to become synonymous with high-grade watchmaking.

We're delighted to offer this exceedingly rare and desirable LeCoultre "Memovox" wristwatch in solid 14k yellow gold - completely gorgeous and the ultimate in Mid-Century panache!

Measuring an impressive 39mm long by 34mm in diameter, this beefy example alarm watch features hour, minute, sweep second and alarm functions. One crown winds and sets the watch; a second crown winds and sets the alarm function by was of a rotating inner chapter of the dial.

LeCoultre wrist alarms are quite desirable, known for their smooth curves, substantial cases and twin crowns.

Inside this completely original solid 14k yellow gold case is an original 17 jewel, high-grade LeCoultre movement cleaned, oiled and calibrated to keep good, accurate time.

We have taken the liberty of fitting this rare timepiece with a new padded alligator strap in chocolate, so that the watch can be worn much to the envy of co-workers, friends and colleagues.

Also, we're delighted to offer this timepiece in factory LeCoultre double-boxes.