Men’s 1960 Lord Elgin Dress Watch with Box

Men’s 1960 Lord Elgin Dress Watch with Box

Item: W2351

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 21

Case: Apex

Manufacturer: Elgin

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Lug Width: 17mm

Dimension: 33mm by 40mm

Composition: Gold-Filled

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $795.00

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Elgin Watch Company was a grand endeavor from the moment it was conceived in 1864. Smoke from the Civil War had not yet cleared and businessmen were already being lured from Massachusetts’ Waltham Watch Company to organize and build a monumental watch factory in Elgin, Ill. By 1865 the company was organized and capitalized with half a million dollars, and unimaginable post-war sum. The companies leaders thrust themselves into the industrial revolution and were, in a few short years, running the biggest pocket watch company in the world. By the middle of the Twentieth Century they also dominated the wristwatch world, producing, among other popular models the “Lord and Lady Elgin” series distinguished by high-grade movements and progressive case designs.

It is difficult to imagine a more sophisticated design than this 1960 21 ruby-jeweled Lord Elgin wristwatch in yellow gold filled. Sleek, stylish and expertly engineered, this was the watch every man craved. Considered one of the finest watches of the day, this Lord Elgin not only embodies the elegance of a difficult Era, it remains a nearly perfect example of Elgin's stylistic achievement.

Measuring 33mm by 40mm, this men's wristwatch features a PERFECT roman numeral dial highlighted by a classic case design and faceted hidden lugs. Open its unengraved back and you'll find a completely cleaned, oiled and calibrated ULTRA high grade 21 ruby jeweled "688" Lord Elgin movement with compensated balance and regulator.

Whether you're looking for the perfect watch for your next leading man, or you're searching for JUST the right watch to woo the jury during your next big case, this watch is an excellent choice.
We're pleased to offer this work of art in a factory Lucite presentation case.