Men’s 1931 Illinois Rectangular Dress Watch

Men’s 1931 Illinois Rectangular Dress Watch

Item: W2474

Watch's origin: American

Number of jewels: 17

Case: Fahy's

Manufacturer: Illinois

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 15mm

Dimension: 38mm x 23mm

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $1,750.00

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While the wristwatch might have been born of necessity, it has become much more: class distinction, fashion statement, a tribute to better days. Those gifted with above-average taste or fashion sense; those who seek a subtle means to communicate their decorum or social status; or those who wish to wear a memory of loved ones or fallen heroes: these are just some of the patrons who wear wrist art.

When you're fascinated with the intricate mechanics of wristwatch or whether you simply love the way they look or feel, rest assured you are in very good company.
This men's rectangular Illinois dress watch definitely quickens the pulse and catches the eye. It is both machined to perfection and superbly designed, embodying all that was great and good and early 20th century America; the Jazz Age and the Art Deco movement.

Measuring a svelte 38mm x 23mm, the piece features a classically scalloped case with cut corner bezel and matching glass crystal. Its beautifully restored dial mirrors the overall cut corner design and is highlighted by stained-glass hands and a matching sub seconds register. Marked "Illinois" in an inset silver center register, the dial is so beautiful it's hypnotic.

Snap open its crisp unengraved back and you'll find an accomplishment of the Illinois watch company every bit as beautiful and gratifying as the design of the case and dial: a brilliantly engineered, high-grade 17 ruby jewel movement representing one of the finest horological achievements of its day. Illinois watch company spared no expense in separating itself from other watch manufacturers of the day, pouring resources into design and materials. Ultimately, this obsession with excellence, combined with the economic devastation of the crash of '29 led to Illinois being absorbed by Hamilton watch Company, ending one of the most brilliant, creative runs an American watch-making.

Here's how Illinois watch company described this particular model in its 1929 factory catalog:

"The curved back, which fits the wearer's wrist snugly, is a very desirable feature of the Medalist made possible by the thinness of the movement. The sub-second hand, another feature of this new watch which goes to make it such a remarkable small timepiece, is further evidence that in the "Medalist" Illinois has set a new standard in the Manufacture of the fine 12/0 size watch.

The "Medalist" case is beautiful in its simplicity. A distinctly modern note is struck in the plain bezel, and in the attractively cut border in relief whose polished surface contrasts with the …white gold finish of the case."

We've cleaned and oiled and calibrated its factory mechanism so that it keeps time as intended. Also, we’re pleased to offer the piece with what we believe to be its original bracelet band (which will fit up to a 6 3/4" wrist), displayed in a period Bakelite burgundy velvet-and-satin lined presentation box.

No matter what your motivation for acquiring wrist art, you or a lucky recipient would derive deep pleasure from this triumph of American engineering and design!