Men's 1901 Waltham 23 Jewel Hunter Case Pocket Watch


Quite simply one of the most astonishing railroad timepieces we've had the pleasure to offer, this rare 18 size, 23 ruby-jeweled "Vanguard" hunter-case pocket watch created by the American Waltham Watch Company is magnificent – with a PERFECT Montgomery dial and rococo gold-filled case; offered in a custom-fitted walnut presentation box; circa 1901.

Men's 1906 Waltham Oversized Trench Watch


Breathtaking and completely original Men's WWI era Waltham oversized Trench watch with Boxcar numerals, circa Pre-WWI/WWI era.

Men's 1913 Hamilton 18 Size 946 Pocket Watch


An outstanding example of one of America's great horological achievements, this 23 ruby-jeweled 18s Hamilton 946 — circa 1913 — represents one of the finest pocket watches money can buy. We're pleased to offer the piece in its own custom-made heart-pine case.

Men's 1913 Waltham 23J Vanguard RR Pocket Watch


Crisp, High-grade Waltham 23 jewel "Vanguard" railroad pocket watch with rare Montgomery dial, offered in an equally handsome period birds-eye maple presentation box. Circa 1913

Men's 1914 Illinois Trench Watch w/Black Dial


A truly stunning example of the art of the Illinois watch company, this sterling silver cushion shaped example, with its jet-black dial; stained glass hands; pumpkin crown and period engraving is completely restored and in a word, magnificent! Circa 1914.

Men's 1915 Omega Sterling Silver Trench Watch


Men's exceedingly handsome World War I era solid sterling silver trench watch by Omega – completely original with perfect porcelain dial, oversized numerals and plum-blued hands, circa 1915

Men's 1916 Waltham Sterling Trench Watch


Mint, original WWI era men's Waltham wristwatch in sterling silver "J. Depollier & Son" marked case; complemented by its correctly re-created cordovan strap and matching sterling buckle. Circa 1916.

Men's 1917 Misc. Swiss Oversized Silver Trench Watch


Rare and extremely desirable men's WWI era oversized black-dialed "Trench" watch made for the British market, in its original screw-back Dennison waterproof case. Correctly hallmarked, retaining a pigskin strap of the period. We are happy to custom fit a correctly recreated two-piece strap in black cordovan at no additional charge if the client so desires, circa 1917.

Men's 1917 Racine 'Enicar' Compass Watch


Extraordinarily rare "Enicar" compass watch in sterling silver with attribution. Outstanding condition and desirability make this an historic piece. Circa 1917

Men's 1918 Flip Top Trench Wristwatch w/ Strap


Staggeringly crisp men's World War I era hunter-cased wristwatch with a correctly re-created two-piece cordovan strap, circa 1918.

Men's 1918 Elgin Broad Arrow 18 Size Pocket Watch


Stunning WWI British military pocket watch manufactured for the war effort by Elgin Watch Company. Features correct "Broad Arrow" military markings on a completely original case. Circa 1918.

Men's 1918 Rare Croix de Guerre Bronze Watch


Extremely rare, completely original WWI era Men's "Croix de Guerre" wristwatch in solid bronze, featuring a two-piece cordovan strap with matching buckle. Circa 1918

Men's 1919 Elgin Trench Watch w/ Roman Numerals


Men’s Elgin WWI wire-lug wristwatch in outstanding condition, featuring rare Roman numerals and fitted with a correctly recreated two-piece cordovan strap with matching buckle, circa 1919

Men's 1919 Elgin Oversized Trench Watch w/ Strap


Exceedingly rare, completely original oversized WWI Elgin trench watch. Measuring a full 38mm in diameter, this "6" size silveroid timepiece is one of the largest examples of the era. Featuring a correctly re-created two-piece black cordovan strap and matching buckle. Circa 1919.

Men's 1925 WWI Submarine Presentation Watch


Exceedingly handsome, historically significant and original sterling silver wire-lug wristwatch with WWI Submarine Warfare-related engraving, circa 1925.

Men's 1925 Dueber Hampden Dress Watch in Box


Outstanding men's oversized, 14k white gold-filled Dueber Hampden wristwatch, fully restored and offered in a period presentation case, circa 1925.