Men's 1882 Illinois Pocket Watch w/Sterling Chain, Fob


Stunning and completely original 18 size key-wind, key-set pocket watch by Illinois Watch Company – featuring fancy dial, plum-blued hands, solid nickel movement and pristine, original hand-carved silveride case. Adorned with a magnificent solid silver chain and compass fob, each link hallmarked. With key, in custom-fitted presentation box, circa 1882.

Men's 1926 Waltham Hunter Case Pocket Watch


Classic Men's 16s hunter-cased gentlemen's pocket watch, chain and knife fob, made for the English market. Plum-blued hands and pristine enamel dial, genuine American Waltham mechanism and gold-filled Dennison case contribute to this handsome combination. Offered in a custom-fitted, velvet-lined period presentation box. Circa 1926.

Men's 1913 Waltham 23J Vanguard RR Pocket Watch


Crisp, High-grade Waltham 23 jewel "Vanguard" railroad pocket watch with rare Montgomery dial, offered in an equally handsome period birds-eye maple presentation box. Circa 1913

Men's 1946 Hamilton 992B Railroad Pocket Watch


Wistfully authentic, absolutely mint Hamilton "992-B" railroad pocket watch with “Hamilton Railway Special” marked dial, housed in a fancy yellow gold-filled railroad case. Offered in what we believe is its original factory presentation box; Circa 1946

Men's 1940 Longines A-9 Master Navigation Pocket Watch


Only a few examples are known of this extraordinarily rare work of military horological history. Commissioned by the U.S. Army Air Corps, designed by Longines Watch Company of Switzerland, the A-9 was the precursor of the modern Master Navigational Chronometer. Circa 1940

Men's 1901 Waltham 23 Jewel Hunter Case Pocket Watch


Quite simply one of the most astonishing railroad timepieces we've had the pleasure to offer, this rare 18 size, 23 ruby-jeweled "Vanguard" hunter-case pocket watch created by the American Waltham Watch Company is magnificent – with a PERFECT Montgomery dial and rococo gold-filled case; offered in a custom-fitted walnut presentation box; circa 1901.

Men's 1913 Hamilton 18 Size 946 Pocket Watch


An outstanding example of one of America's great horological achievements, this 23 ruby-jeweled 18s Hamilton 946 — circa 1913 — represents one of the finest pocket watches money can buy. We're pleased to offer the piece in its own custom-made heart-pine case.

Men's 1918 Elgin Broad Arrow 18 Size Pocket Watch


Stunning WWI British military pocket watch manufactured for the war effort by Elgin Watch Company. Features correct "Broad Arrow" military markings on a completely original case. Circa 1918.