Men's 1940 Hamilton D37 Fairchild Gun Timer Watch


Exceedingly rare, magnificent – and original – WWII era Hamilton Seckron "D37" Fairchild “bomber timer" with custom-designed wrist strap by Strickland Vintage Watches in black cordovan and cowhide. Circa 1940.

Men's 1940 Bulova Dress Watch


Stunning Men's rose gold-plate "bombe" or tonneau-shaped Bulova wrist watch with rare ink-black dial and contrasting white Arabic numerals, circa 1940.

Men's 1950 Gruen Veri-Thin Dress Watch


Fine, completely original Men's Gruen Precision Veri-Thin dress watch in yellow gold-fill, circa 1950.

Men's 1914 Elgin WWI Trench Watch


Men’s early WWI wire-lug wristwatch in solid nickel case, fitted with a correctly recreated two-piece dark walnut cordovan strap and matching period buckle — an outstanding work of horological and military history. Circa 1914.

Men's 1951 Lord Elgin Watch in 14k Yellow Gold


Stylish, enviable men's ultra-high grade 21 jewel Lord Elgin wristwatch in solid 14k yellow gold, circa 1951. Perfectly balanced for the wrist, this model is a quintessential example of Post-War, Mid-Century wrist art. Offered in a correct red Lucite factory "Lord Elgin" case.

Men's 1924 Ditisheim Winton Dress Watch


Men's gloriously oversized "Winton" wristwatch by Ditisheim in yellow gold fill, circa 1925.

Men's 1925 Dueber Hampden Dress Watch in Box


Outstanding men's oversized, 14k white gold-filled Dueber Hampden wristwatch, fully restored and offered in a period presentation case, circa 1925.

Men's 1947 Omega in Oversized Stainless Case


Stunningly sharp men's 1947 oversized stainless steel Omega wristwatch with stunning restored dial is as good as it gets; fitted with a peanut crocodile strap and offered in a period Omega presentation case.

Men's 1917 Waltham Transitional Watch


Stunning and important men's WWI era "Transitional" wristwatch by American Waltham Watch Company with all the correct and rare elements: sterling construction, porcelain dial, "stained glass" hands and a 45 degree orientation. Custom-fitted with a black cordovan strap and matching buckle. Circa 1917

Men's 1928 Illinois Art Deco Dress Watch


Manificent men's 1928 Illinois wristwatch in a heavily chased, white gold filled case; fitted with a custom-made black cordovan strap – spectacular!

Men's 1930 Elgin Jazz Age Wristwatch


Deco-era Elgin wristwatches are always satisfying to study and offer for sale. After all, the Elgin Watch factory was the biggest watch factory in the world, with its own jeweling house, watch college, and observatory stretching across city block after city block in the little town of Elgin, Ill. This progressive company spared no expense in finding the most talented artists and case designers to come up with a look that would set their watches apart from and, ABOVE, the rest.

Anyone unfamiliar with Elgin's flair for design need only take a look at this STUNNING example of Deco horological artwork.

And we mean stunning.

We’ve been in business for 25 years now and had the privilege of seeing thousands of works of horological art produced by Elgin and have never seen this model before. We purchased the piece once-removed from an estate in Manhattan, New York – very fitting for the overall panache of the watch and have done some restoration to return it to its Jazz-Age glory; however, the design of the piece is exactly as we received it.

Measuring approx. 37mm by 27mm wide at the lugs, rare Elgin is obviously a work of Jazz-Age genius, featuring a magnificent and unusual dial with Roman numeral hour track and flexible lugs. It is literal study in Deco philosophy, sporting dreamy geometric lines that give Deco its Aztec "flair,” lending a classic quality to the white gold-filled case. It passes our requirement for art: If one can't stop looking at it and one gets pleasure every time they see it, it's art. This watch is – without question – stunning.

Snap open the back and you'll find another marvel of the era: a well-engineered, fully serviced grade 484 18/0 15 ruby jewel movement keeping time as intended.

This extraordinary watch comes with a custom-made black ostrich strap and matching silver-tone buckle and is housed in a handsome period presentation box

For those who feel the sweet ache of the Jazz-Age longing, this extraordinary timepiece will assuredly make you THE "Man about Town."

Men's 1944 Elgin Military Ordnance Watch


Original WWII era military ordnance wristwatch by Elgin. Completely original and restored, fitted with a correctly recreated khaki two-piece strap. Circa 1944

Men's 1942 Elgin Military Ordnance Watch


Extraordinary example of a pre-to-mid WWII military wristwatch; cleaned, oiled, calibrated and fitted with an original WWII era one-piece O.D. green strap. Circa 1942

Men's 1942 Waltham Ordnance Watch


Excellent WWII era military wristwatch by Waltham. Completely original and restored, with a correctly recreated khaki strap produced exclusively for Strickland Vintage Watches. Circa 1942

Men's 1929 Illinois Speedway Wristwatch


Magnificent men's Illinois "Speedway" wristwatch in white gold fill and enamel, circa 1929. One of the most prestigious wrist or "strap" watches of its day, this work of art embodies Jazz-Age excellence.

Men's 1917 Misc. Swiss Oversized Silver Trench Watch


Rare and extremely desirable men's WWI era oversized black-dialed "Trench" watch made for the British market, in its original screw-back Dennison waterproof case. Correctly hallmarked, retaining a pigskin strap of the period. We are happy to custom fit a correctly recreated two-piece strap in black cordovan at no additional charge if the client so desires, circa 1917.