Men’s 1954 Gruen Autowind Watch in Steel

Men’s 1954 Gruen Autowind Watch in Steel

Item: W2483

Watch's origin: Swiss

Number of jewels: 17

Case: Gruen

Manufacturer: Gruen

Type of Watch:  Wrist

Type: Open-Face

Lug Width: 17mm

Dimension: 38mm by 34mm

Composition: Steel

Other Attributes:   With Box

Price: $1,495.00

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Gruen emerged as one of the pre-eminent watch houses in the United States, producing accurate timepieces in stylish cases that became Jazz-Age darlings. Watch houses sought to outdo one another, carrying the wristwatch as a fashion statement to ever higher levels, but none seemed to touch the panache of Gruen. Founded in the United States in 1876, the legacy of Deitrich Gruen is a benchmark for watch designers to this day.

This handsome men's Mid-Century Gruen "Autowind" automatic certainly illustrates the adage "Out with the curves, in with the geometric lines." So was the philosophy of "L'Exposition des Arts Decoratifs," an international fair held in Paris in 1925, from which the term "Deco" was derived. Designs were less florid, more geometric, drawing on abstract and cubist influences; concentric circles and Aztec architectural influences. Such archetypal design elements were a fresh contrast from the previous Art Nouveau movement and remained dominant until well past WWII.

We're particularly fond of both the House of Dietrich Gruen and his interpretations. Mesmeric styles; meticulous engineering and a fondness for American panache – all are indicative of his vision. You will find few watch houses today that take the pride Gruen did three-quarters of a century ago. The look of their watches still quickens the pulse.

Looking upon this stylistic masterpiece in solid rustproof steel; who can question the genius of the Gruen Guild? This timepiece is hypnotic in its Minimalist Mid-Century simplicity – polished, brilliant and depthless; strong and futuristic; imperially slim bar markers and thick original spear hands accenting its original ice-cream dial. It's a gesture of virtuosity: perfectly sized, perfectly suave and gloriously '50s Vegas!

Powering this 38mm by 34mm work of wrist-art is its original, 17 ruby-jeweled, high-grade Gruen movement – cleaned, oiled and calibrated so that it keeps time as it was intended.

We’ve fitted this work of art with a black N.O.S. Hirsch certified croco strap and are pleased to offer it in a period Gruen Factory Autowind leatherbound presentation case.

We love our overseas buyers, but if the watch is purchased outside the U.S., we must replace the strap with a leather one.