Men's 1950 Waltham A-17 Military Watch


Outstanding example of Aviator timekeeping, this Waltham A-17 is both exceedingly handsome and original. Circa Cold War era.

Men's 1955 Elgin 21 Jewel Dress Watch


Fine men's 21 ruby jeweled "Lord Elgin" wristwatch in a stunning white gold filled case with midnight-black face. Thin, stylized markers, a new-old stock black crocodile band and crisp condition make this watch exceedingly uncommon and desirable!

Men's 1960 Hamilton Dress Wrist Watch


Nice Mid-Century Hamilton dress watch.

Men's 1960 Elgin 24 Hour Civilian Watch w/Hack


An absolutely mint example of a most uncommon Elgin 24 hour civilian timepiece, featuring high-grade Elgin movement yellow gold-fill. Circa 1960